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SCII review on
NewsTwelve years ago Blizzard gifted PC gamers with one of the most incredibly popular science fiction franchises in the world. StarCraft featured three diverse and exciting species battling for freedom, for honor, for survival. Never before had a game with such grand a scope as the fate of the universe pulled you so deeply into the emotions of its main characters. Their hopes and fears were yours, for better or worse.

And now it’s 2010 and StarCraft II has finally landed on store shelves. Those that have watched the Ghosts of the Past trailer likely felt the same build up of anticipation leading up to the game’s release. The Terrans: Raynor, Emperor Mengst and Duran. The Protoss: Artanis, Zeratul and their fallen comrades Fenix and Tassadar. Finally the Zerg: Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, and her swarm, free from the Overmind. How will each of their stories intertwine; how will StarCraft II recreate the enchantment of the original?

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Rants: Issues with Blizzard's Overmind Mentallity
Blizzard /Battlenet Rants

In an interview held in June 2009, Rob Pardo indicated that LAN support would not be included in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Removing LAN requires players to connect through Blizzard's servers before being able to play multi-player games. It has been reported that Blizzard is "considering" implementing a system whereby a LAN connection is possible after first authenticating with Further controversy was sparked when Blizzard confirmed that the game would not support cross-server play out of the box, restricting gamers to only play against local opponents - for instance, US gamers against those in the US and Europeans against Europeans. The company originally explained that Australia and New Zealand servers would be located in Southeast Asia, pitting them against combatants from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, however closer to release it was revealed that the Southeast Asia / Australia / New Zealand version of the game would not be strictly region-locked, with gamers able to play on either the SEA/ANZ servers or the North American ones.

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Offline Play Hampered with Authentication
NewsSome gamers have been forced to re-authenticate every time they try to play StarCraft II off-line. Blizzard says this is due to a bug
rather than a heavy-handed copy protection policy.

"We’re aware there’s a bug in the authentication system
, as far as the system being able to know that you’ve logged into the system for 30 days," a Blizzard rep told GamePro. "We’re trying to address this problem in an upcoming patch."

No word on when exactly the patch would arrive. Blizzard says it'll be out "soon," though.
- Pete Haas CinemaBlend 9/9/2010
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